As a user I want to be able to show/hide even if the show-if/hide-if macro contains an invalid user or group

If a show-if/hide-if macro is created and a user/users are applied in the User parameter and then at some point one one of the users loses their Confluence account then the show-if/hide-if will display a "Error rendering macro 'show-if' : Failed to render Visibility macro due to: test is not a valid user". While it is good to know that the user is no longer valid and needs to be remove/replaced, none of the contents in the macro are displayed. That means that any of the other "valid" users can no longer see what needs to be seen (or the data is no longer hidden when it should be). Please updated Visibility so that when an invalid user is found then error is displayed so that specific information can be discovered, but also make it so that it will continue to show/hide the information in the macro for all other users/groups.

  • Sayed Bares
  • Feb 28 2020
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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  • Rick Carini commented
    16 Sep 02:05

    I do have to reiterate that I feel that this is a bug as the functionality has changed from previous versions and your error handling should not break the entire macro for everyone just because one user or group is no longer valid.

  • Wolfgang LUTZ commented
    08 Sep 11:25

    I agree with Rich!

    This is a macro error!

    What is the target of the ShowIf and HideIf user macro. To show or hide content not to check if all groups or users are correct entered.

  • Rick Carini commented
    01 Sep 21:15


    As this was the functionality in previous versions (even if that functionality was a bug), it would be nice to have this "feature" ;) brought back.

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