Application level restriction for salesforce connector

Currently, our connector doesn't have any restriction on what Confluence user can view / pull from Saleforce. We probably might want to implement certain restriction onto the connector, so that the users are able to apply restriction on this issue.

  • Mervyn Toh
  • Apr 15 2016
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  • Azwandi Mohd Aris commented
    13 Jul, 2016 03:33am

    For background: Our confluence site is split up into many spaces. Some spaces are public facing and contain product documentation and some are internal and contain business operation/process documentation and notes about customers/projects. We would never mention or link any data in Salesforce on any space that is publicly accessible and even on the internal spaces there are only a couple pages where we would want/need salesforce information. 

    In our minds we have very specific pages that we would want Salesforce data integrated into do not want to see Salesforce icons or the ability or add Salesforce data outside of those locations.

    So to answer your questions:
    1) We intend for salesforce data to only be accessible by internal (Corporate) users. We have existing groups that we could leverage for this purpose.

    2) For us space level permissions is exactly what we're looking for. As we intend for Salesforce data to be used on a few specific pages and nowhere else being able to enable the connector macros for only pages in that space works perfectly. We could get by with user group permissioning (internal vs external) but then we'd have salesforce icons on a bunch of pages where we don't really need/want them.

    3) So far in our testing we've been able to access basic account information. Given our problem with the connector we had to disable it and haven't been able to do more complex testing, e.g., with custom fields.