Adding Diagnostics to Cloud Connector

Customers have concern about the way they can self-troubleshoot.

  • Aidin Mahmoodi
  • Sep 22 2016
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  • Juan Recabarren commented
    3 Apr, 2017 01:33pm

    Customer: SailPoint


    Request: "We have a few cases where it seems that either a person or the system is changing the mapping for some of our projects that link up to Salesforce, and its causing some havoc. Unfortunately, the JIRA logs don't pick up these tweaks (or so it seems), so I was wondering if you had any way to see what may have been going on."

    Case Reference:

  • Adrien Low commented
    12 Oct, 2016 01:28am

    Same customer

    Having a tool allowing administrators to analyse problems is mandatory, I
    can't understand how your customers can't work without this. For now
    ServiceRocket connector is a black box, and as a system admin this is not
    acceptable, we waste a precious time to analyse mapping issues.

  • Aidin Mahmoodi commented
    22 Sep, 2016 09:14am

    It's absolutely necessary to provide an equivalent of the diagnostics menu
    with the cloud connector. Your customers must be able to do quick analysis
    if mapping errors occurs without having to create a support ticket. Can you
    escalate this need to your product team ?

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