Improved Options for "Render as Table"

As of right now, when you add a Salesforce Object Macro to a Confluence Page, and use the "Render as Table" option, the macro will automatically include an "Object Type" row. It would be nice to have the option to remove the "Object Type" from a table view.

Similarly, when using the "Show as Table" you lose the ability to have a link to the record! Meaning if you still want to have a link to the record page, you would have to place the macro twice. It would be really nice to have a checkbox/option to "Show Link to Record" - so that one of the rows of the table is just a link to the record page.

Finally, for object fields that are of type "URL" - it would be nice if the table actually showed it as a link!! Right now, if a URL field is added to the table, it shows as a text display of <a href>.


  • Option to remove "Object Type" from table view

  • Checkbox to "Show Link to Record"

  • Display URL as clickable link instead of text display of <a href>

  • Siti Hajar
  • Apr 28 2022
  • Needs review
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