As an admin I want to be able to assign different set of permissions to each Confluence groups

We use Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector add-on and I would very much like to see some more levels in setting up the permissions. Such as:

  • View Salesforce Object macro and Salesforce Table macro output.

  • Edit Salesforce Object macro and Salesforce Table macro.

  • Access to Salesforce Search.

What we need is to set up different groups to all these three areas.

Why: We use this plugin to pull information from our Salesforce and we display it to our customers in Confluence. But the way the permissions work now - our customers not only can see Salesforce macros, they can also access the Salesforce search and find very sensitive information about us there. Even more so because there are these quick filters, such as All Opened Opps.

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  • May 20 2020
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