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Better formatting options for the Salesforce & Confluence table in Confluence

For example,

  • I'd like to split up the table in to some different areas to make it easier to use for different end users

  • some columns organized and colorized for contract related things,

  • some columns with fields about technical environment

  • change the number formatting

  • Make the boxes run horizontal rather than vertical

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  • Oct 11 2019
  • Gathering interest
  • Jul 26, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Monique, PM of this app and I'd like to thank you for raising this idea and voting on it. I am currently doing some research around this feature and would like to get more input from you.

    If you have more specific use-cases on what other formatting that you would like to see in Salesforce Connector (Cloud) macros in the future (and it hasn't been specified in the description above), please don't hesitate to comment on this ticket, or reach out to me at monique.eliza@servicerocket.com.


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  • Daniel Hinkle commented
    28 Mar, 2022 03:35pm

    This is preventing us from using this product. We have large opportunity amounts and if the opportunity is too large (7 or 8 digits..not sure exact size that causes this) then the number shows up in scientific notation. This makes this unusable for us.

  • Guest commented
    4 Mar, 2022 01:36am

    The table formatting functionality would add value to the application. I want to able to manually add other information to the same page and I am not able to relocate the table at all, I want to be able to move it to the right or left if needed.

    Also, cell shading with different colors would allow me to highlight different sets of data, which is not possible right now.

    Formatting is definitively a need to complement this app.

  • Julian Aidil commented
    11 Nov, 2021 01:58am

    For the behavior of number formatting where if the number is too long and it is converted to a shorter format, changing the field format to Amount in Salesforce appears to be able to circumvent this.

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