Auto select pick list item if entered text by user matches a unique pick list value-Work in Classic but not Lightning

When creating a new Jira card via the Salesforce ->Jira connector in the Classic view, I could click "Review & Create" and set the severity by typing the severity number and pressing tab. It would then auto-select the Severity for the card - eg: typing '3' and hitting the tab key would change the value to Sev-3.


In Lightning, I have to type '3' and select Sev-3 from the list (I have to scroll to do this as well). It would be nice if Lightning auto-selected Sev-3 when I pressed the tab key to exit the field rather than leaving the value of '3' in the field which does nothing when the Jira card is created.


The values we have are Sev-1, Sev-2, and Sev-3.  There is only one value for each number so it is a one-to-one match.


Doing this would save time.


You could also make it work more like the global search in Lightning, type and then a filtered list appears, click on the value and done.

  • Thomas Nieman
  • Sep 20 2019
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