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Display Salesforce Field name and not the API name in Confluence table

I've successfully installed and configured Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector. I created a both a table and object via the installed macros in Confluence and noticed that the column heading row displays the raw API name and not the actual Field name. Can that be adjusted somewhere so it uses the Field name or Field Label and not the raw API name?

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  • Dec 20 2018
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  • Nov 20, 2020

    Admin response

    Hi everyone, today we have finalized the roll out of the improvement request on this idea 👌 All the table headings in Salesforce Object macro, Salesforce Table macro, and the Salesforce Search page should now show Field Label instead of the API name.

    Thank you for all the feedback given on this idea. You should be able to see this improvement already in place, in your Confluence. If you have any issues, please reach out to our 24/5 support team at https://servicerocket-apps.atlassian.net/servicedesk/.

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  • Guest commented
    20 Nov, 2020 02:57pm

    Looks good! Thanks for making this change!

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    28 Sep, 2020 09:13pm

    I see this has been open since Dec 20, 2018. Any idea when this will be fixed?

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    21 Feb, 2020 04:46pm

    This is a real must have for exactly the same explanation as below. Plain and simple is the "Field Names" do not match the "Field Labels". Using the "Field Names" doesn't make for a real pretty table. This would be a total game changer for our eng teams to automate this data into Confluence...most technical teams do not work out of Salesforce but more often than not this is the start of the pipeline and the ultimate source of truth from a Sales perspective. 

  • MIcah Carrick commented
    2 Apr, 2019 09:10pm

    This is the reason I opted out of using this connector during the eval. Our intended use was to bring in some read-only data from SFDC into Confluence pages for our Client Services Wiki. It is not uncommon for custom fields to evolve and have labels that don't quite match (I've seen this at 3 companies). For example assigned_technical_contact__c might be mapped to "Solutions Architect". More over, the vast majority of relevant fields often end up being custom fields unique to our business. If we cannot make a very clean, readable page we'll just have to continue to link directly to SFDC instead.

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