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We built a knowledge base in Salesforce where we also use approval processes to approve them and expose them through our Customer Community portal.

However, I would like to expose same articles (maybe based on some criteria) on Confluence. We have Confluence in Cloud edition.

For each knowledge article (record) I would like to have one page, these pages would be searchable in Confluence and in the best case scenario I would be able to define labels (tags) for each page independently from Salesforce.

  • Azwandi Mohd Aris
  • Oct 14 2016
  • Shipped
  • Jan 5, 2021

    Admin response

    Hi everyone! After our extensive research around this functionality idea, we have decided to release a separate product that could export Confluence Cloud pages as Salesforce Knowledge Articles.

    Please feel free to check the app from this Atlassian Marketplace listing.

    The app is currently listed as a Beta app. Let us know if you have any feedback, improvement requests, or if you want to chat with us.

    Cheers, Monique

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  • Monique Khairuliana commented
    20 Oct, 2020 02:18pm

    Hi Everyone,

    I am pleased to announce that we have started working on an internal beta product that could export Confluence (Cloud) content into Salesforce. If you're interested, email me at monique.eliza(at), and we'll show you a demo of the product!

  • Guest commented
    14 May, 2020 07:44pm

    So I am actually looking for the opposite -- we have content in confluence using Confluence in Cloud, a knowledge-base, that we would like to publish through our customer community portal in Salesforce. So we're looking for a connector that enables that.

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