Having different mapping for creation and association.

Having different mapping for creation and association.

This case is based on what the customer feels and thinks it should act in this way.

When creating an issue, there will be a mapping for creation and there will be a mapping for synchronization .

Why need this?

When you create a case for the past two months and today you associate it with new case from Salesforce. The content will be overwritten with the case causing the information to be replaced. 

It would be great to be able to have the content to be associate but having the attachments and comments to be able to sync. 

Create mapping is meant for create only. Once there's association configured, there will be a mapping that will be used to update the content (comments or attachment or other fields)


We advised the user to user linking but linking doesn't sync the comments or the attachments.

  • Kheng Jin Leow
  • Jan 14 2016
  • Will not implement
  • Jul 17, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you everyone for contributing to this idea.

    After some detailed discussions with our development team, we have decided not to promote this idea as a feature at the moment. This feature can introduce a lot of complexity and data inaccuracy based on our data model and the way we handle associations and synchronizations.

    We may review and consider this idea in the future.

    -Aidin - Product Manager

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