The filter will be able to filter more than just project key or summary.

It would be great to be able to filter the issue when entering a value in the association field. The filtering can be done not just on based on Summary / project name but also any keywords in the issue. 


Description or other fields can be used as well.


What we would like is to start typing in a key word or project key and have all issues within the projects configured for the plug-in appear as selections. So, if I have 4 JIRA projects configured, and across those 4 projects, 5 issues have the key word ‘portal’ in them, I would like those to appear as options to associate to if I type in portal. Right now, it will only show issues which I have recently viewed with that key word, which may be none. Is there anything we can do in the JIRA configuration to address that?

  • Kheng Jin Leow
  • Jan 8 2016
  • Needs review
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