As an admin, I want new project auto associate with the Salesforce Mapping.

When someone were to create a new JIRA Project, it doesn't get automatically added to that dropdown list for a user to select when creating a new JIRA issue this way.

It seems that I would need to go to the admin settings for that new Project, and then under Project Mappings I need to manually associate it to the appropriate Mapping Scheme.

This is potentially a big maintenance issue for us as we have new JIRA projects created very frequently by many different users, and they are not going to know/remember/have access to manually associate it with the Project Mapping. 

As an admin, I want a way to automate this so that new JIRA Projects are automatically associated to the appropriate Salesforce connector Project Mapping 


  • Kevin Lew
  • Sep 25 2017
  • Needs review
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