As an user, I want the search functionality able to filter to find things quicker and more accurately

As an user, I want the "Search Salesforce Cases" in the search functionality as well as when you click Associate. Being able to filter out the noise helps to find things quicker and more accurately. 


We provide a service for Customer A. We have hundreds of cases with Customer A, 150 that are closed, 50 that are open. If someone on our Engineering team who doesn't have a Salesforce license wants to associate a JIRA issue to a case they usually don't have the case number so they type in some other search parameters (subject) text search. It starts to bring up matches but instead of being able to search for just the 50 that are open and active it will search through all 200 bringing back a lot of matches that aren't important. Based on the objects that are bound and mapped it would be nice to be able to choose one of the Salesforce fields to filter by

  • Kevin Lew
  • Jun 29 2017
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