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As an Administrator I want to be able to hide the "Associate" and "Create JIRA Issue" buttons from the VisualForce pages

Is it possible to make the Jira Issue VF page read only for specific profiles. We only want our tier 2 folks to be able to create jira issues but want the tier 1 folks to be able to read that section so they can see what is going on

I think the most complicated part in this implementation would be configuring which Salesforce profiles should have access or not to these buttons.

  • Juan Recabarren
  • May 26 2017
  • Planned
  • Oct 2, 2019

    Admin response

    As we're investing heavily on Lightning, the new interface in Salesforce, we will try to do this inside Lightning Components which provide per-component configuration, applicable to certain profiles.

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  • Richard Clark commented
    1 Oct, 2019 03:50pm

    Would be happy if this was exposed as  Custom Permissions which can be added to a Permission Set Group.

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