Create subtask from Salesforce

This isn't currently supported and maybe we won't, but we need to collect any requests from customers here.

We need to also learn their use case - why do they want to create subtasks instead of normal issues.

  • Azwandi Mohd Aris
  • Feb 13 2017
  • Gathering interest
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  • Bryan Meyerovich commented
    9 Sep, 2022 07:34pm

    We want to create a task in jira and have a bunch of sub-tasks for it so it can be managed like a standard project. The sub-tasks would need to be assigned appropriately based on person linkages from salesforce, so it would be like:

    task->case (summary->subject)

    sub-task->case (summary->"Design for " + subject, parent->maintask, assigned->SFaccountUserWithRoleDesigner)

    sub-task->case (summary->"Programming for " + subject, parent->maintask, assigned->SFaccountUserWithRoleProgrammer, blockedby->subtask1)

    sub-task->case (summary->"QA for " + subject, parent->maintask, assigned->SFaccountUserWithRoleQA, blockedby->subtask2)

  • Guest commented
    18 Aug, 2020 07:57pm

    We would like the ablity to create a subtask in Salesforce, when doing so, a "assocaite parent field" would be required.

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