Salesforce Package for Other Objects Include Custom Object

The current package is only available for Case.

It would be great to have the package available for other object including "Custom Object"

  • Kheng Jin Leow
  • Jan 28 2016
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  • Aidin Mahmoodi commented
    25 Mar, 2016 07:25am

    This has been implemented.

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    11 Feb, 2016 04:10am

    @Allan, I've spoken to Azwandi regarding to this. 


    I think he is aware of this. 

  • Allan Timothy Leong commented
    11 Feb, 2016 04:00am

    @KhengJin, I can't say for sure. Depends on the priority, you can create a story on the backlog and bring it to planning next week.

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    11 Feb, 2016 03:50am


    It seems the connector from Salesforce to JIRA is limited to Salesforce Case objects - is that correct? We don't use cases, we use opportunities and want to create buttons on the Salesforce side from an opportunity that will create one of 3 potential JIRA issues required to support the sales process for our business model. Each of these has a unique project in JIRA. Ideally I would like to return a link to the JIRA ticket within the Salesforce opportunity so that my sales team can continue to live in Salesforce and my fulfillment teams can continue to live in JIRA.

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    29 Jan, 2016 03:50am

    #14300 Request on this issue.


    @Allan, roughly when we can have it released?


  • Allan Timothy Leong commented
    28 Jan, 2016 04:23am

    The new package rewritten with JS will solve this problem I think.

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    28 Jan, 2016 03:09am

    Another customer called in to ask the same thing as well.


    In which making this total of 2 requests made.

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    28 Jan, 2016 02:04am



    Specifically, many organizations within my business use the Case object. My only choice here is to add it to all? case objects, I can't add it to just some (customer service team). I need the salesforce package to be flexible, forcing it to use Case by default doesn't allow me to extend the connection within Salesforce the way I can in JIRA.

    In this case, when customer service records an improvement or a bug, they add a ticket ('custom object') in salesforce. When the ticket is approved, they want to push the issue into JIRA. They don't want a direct association to Case.