Change Order of Comments in VisualForce Panel

Nov 29 2016
3:11 PM

Change Order of Comments in VisualForce Pane

John Thomas
Submitted via Web

I tried submitting an "Improvement Suggestion" on your official site but got error messages everytime so I'm submitting this here:

Before the JIRA and Salesforce comments were aggregated, we were able to alter the default sort order of the comments in JIRA as well as the JIRA VisualForce frame in Salesforce by changing the global JIRA setting.

Now that the Salesforce and JIRA comments sections are merged, we are unable to change the sort order of the VisualForce page. It would save a ton of scrolling and time on our end if we could alter the default sort order of comments in the JIRA VisualForce page.

It would be even better if Salesforce could have it's own default comment sort order and JIRA had it's own but that's likely a pipe dream.
  • Sam Gatica
  • Nov 29 2016
  • Shipped
  • Nov 30, 2016

    Admin response

    Sam, this is definitely possible. I'll add this to our backlog, but no fixed ETA yet. There's a few improvements around the comment panel soon over the next few weeks, so this will be part of them.

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