Using JIRA System's language instead of User's preferential language to push values to Salesforce (e.g. JIRA Status)

At the moment, somTe native JIRA fields changes depending on the language set by the user.

For example, in the case of native JIRA Status "Open":-

  • Open (English)
  • オープン (Japanese)
  • Offen (Dutch)


Due to this, depending on the language that a user has set in their JIRA Profile's preferences., different values for "Open" is pushed to Salesforce. This has resulted in the Customer needing to Map Values for different languages to ensure that the corrent values are pushed to SF.

  • Open - Start (SF)
  • オープン -  Start (SF)
  • Offen - Start (SF)


The customer is asking for the Connector to use the JIRA System's Default language instead of using the User's Preferential language. 

  • Adrien Low
  • Nov 1 2016
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