"Create Case" button should allow options to choose which object to be created in Salesforce

Currently, the button is "Create Case" which by default allowing customer to create case only,

It would be great to have the button can be used to create other objects including custom fields.

  • Kheng Jin Leow
  • Dec 30 2015
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  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    11 Feb, 2016 03:50am


    It seems the connector from Salesforce to JIRA is limited to Salesforce Case objects - is that correct? We don't use cases, we use opportunities and want to create buttons on the Salesforce side from an opportunity that will create one of 3 potential JIRA issues required to support the sales process for our business model. Each of these has a unique project in JIRA. Ideally I would like to return a link to the JIRA ticket within the Salesforce opportunity so that my sales team can continue to live in Salesforce and my fulfillment teams can continue to live in JIRA.

  • Aidin Mahmoodi commented
    7 Jan, 2016 03:44am


    Comment from the customer:

    The "Create Case" button is confusing to our users since we are creating Accounts and Contacts.

  • Nader Hadji Ghanbari commented
    6 Jan, 2016 03:49am

    We have the support for this (basically it doesn't matter which object you want to create, as long as you are online, i.e. you have an authorised connection with a configured mapping, you can create it from a JIRA issue). We only exposed Create Case as of now to keep it simple aligned with the product managers' priorities. So we can easily remove this constraint and expose the full functionality to end users.

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    4 Jan, 2016 10:03am

    There's a customer currently using Connector for Salesforce & JIRA (old) in the cloud JIRA.


    The customer is currently creating an new task in Salesforce using the old connector which is supported.

    However, the since the user is using on the cloud JIRA, the connector only allows case creation. It would be great if the connector is able to create other object in salesforce (Task, Account, and etc)

  • Kheng Jin Leow commented
    30 Dec, 2015 03:29am



    " I am able to connect with custom Salesforce object named ‘Product Support’ as shown below. However, when I create an issue in JIRA, I only see link to ‘Create Case’ but not ‘Product Support’ object. It seems like one can’t create sales force custom object based on JIRA but you an only create Salesforce Case object. Is this something that can be fixed to enable create custom object? "