Review assignment rules logic while syncing Salesforce Objects with JIRA issues

Current work-around to avoid having automatic assignment rules changes on the Salesforce side while syncing JIRA issues with Salesforce objects:

1. Go to Setup > Case/Lead Assignment Rules
2. Choose the active Assignment Rule
3. Add a new Rule
4. In step 1 set Sort Order set to 1
5. In step 2 set Field to “Current User: Username”, Operator “equals”, Value set to the user used to authorize the connection to Salesforce
6. In step 3 check the checkbox “Do Not Reassign Owner”
7. Click Save

Sorry, but I cannot say that I’m totally satisfied with this workaround. It might work, but it will take considerable amount of time for us to follow our internal procedure of altering logic. So, I have some additional questions:

1. Is there’s any descriptive or probably programmatic way to avoid executing assignment rules?

2. Do you have any timeframes for a hotfix for this behavior? To me, it represents a backward-compatibility issue. I think that there should be an option like “do not force assignment rule execution”.

  • Juan Recabarren
  • Oct 27 2016
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