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As an user I want to set a default Project on issue creation.

As an user I want to set a default Project on issue creation from the list of projects.

  • Sam Gatica
  • Sep 2 2016
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  • Derrick Taylor David commented
    5 Jan 08:20pm

    Need to be able to specify Default Project AND Default Issue Type

  • Derrick Taylor David commented
    5 Jan 08:19pm

    Our company has two projects that we use most often connected to Salesforce, however one of them is used more, but because its alphabetically last we have to select it each time and that takes time when creating a lot of issues.

    We have even considered removing the mapping all together to the other project just to save time and just readding it as required or using the one mapping and then migrating the issue in Jira from Project to Project afterewards

  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2020 09:54pm

    Please consider this. Having a less active project as the default has caused a number of ticket snafus that have decreased our productivity.

  • David Hansen commented
    16 Aug, 2019 09:36pm

    Also would be fine (with our use case) to at least define the default as an "Admin" (we have one project that gets sorted first that is rarely used for any support cases from Salesforce and as a result all support personnel have to change the project selection).

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