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Generate Salesforce.com report that shows all the associated JIRA issues

We have received multiple request from customer telling us that they would like to have a feature that would help them in generate a Salesforce.com report that would shows all the associated JIRA issue.

At the moment, the information for the associated JIRA issues can be retrieve via the VisualForce page. But it is not possible to include those information in Salesforce.com Report.

  • Victor Law
  • Jun 8 2016
  • Likely to implement
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  • Jonathan Bondorevsky commented
    10 Feb, 2022 03:14pm

    We urgently need the ability to create a report of salesforce cases with related jira issue. would be a report that will allow us see cases and the Jira ticket related to them.

    checking the workaround - https://docs.servicerocket.com/salesforce-jira/getting-help/knowledge-base/association-and-synchronization/salesforce-reporting-on-jira-issue-key - in the meantime.

    hope it works


  • Brandi Dudley commented
    7 Dec, 2021 06:39pm

    We need a way to report in Salesforce and JIRA multiple ticket associations on one salesforce case.

  • Rhyan Brandt commented
    29 Oct, 2021 05:52pm

    Yes Please!

  • Carolyn Wilson commented
    13 Oct, 2021 02:36pm

    Much needed - the connector has little value if you cannot measure it's success!

  • Thanmaya Bekkalale commented
    23 Aug, 2021 11:07am

    Much needed!

  • Guest commented
    20 Aug, 2021 03:04pm

    Even if the Associate action could somehow allow for stamping the Jira issue numbers into a custom field on the Case object, that would allow for some measure of reporting in Salesforce. Highly needed to ensure compliance of linking issues to cases.

  • Guest commented
    9 Jun, 2021 03:35pm

    Need this feature as well !

  • Korey Marciniak commented
    12 Mar, 2021 07:49pm

    This is the deal breaker for us using this connector, as Salesforce (not Jira) is the system of record on our team.

  • Guest commented
    24 Feb, 2021 04:00am

    NEED this. Essential for Salesforce Dashboards for our product team

  • Bryan Parry commented
    8 Feb, 2021 06:01pm

    Necessary in order to manage our processes in which requests are made in SFDC, but then managed in Jira. Without this, a lot of manual reporting / matching up issues and cases is needed

  • Ido Greenbaum commented
    12 Nov, 2020 09:15am

    As a workaround, we are syncing the Jira ticket information into special customer fields in SalesForce, and report based on that.

  • Dominic Fosson commented
    25 Sep, 2020 03:53pm

    It was disappointing to learn this was not an existing capability.

    Use Case: We're using a project in Jira to capture product feedback, where a single Jira issue (enhancement request) can have several Salesforce account associations. If a new client requests the same thing, they're simply added as an additional association.

    Expectation: The expectation has been to then take the Jira Issue data (key, summary, description, priority) and send it to Salesforce where it can be correlated with Account data (account names, revenue, # of licenses, etc.) to enable strategic decisions and educated prioritization.

    Mapping Jira Issue data to Cases doesn't look to have done the trick. It may be that our only option is via the API, which will require us to negotiate precious dev resources to make this possible.

    Impact: Without the ability to bring associated Jira data into Salesforce reporting, everything becomes a very manual, tedious process, with only a sliver of the insights available. As it currently stands, these reporting limitations make for an unsustainable process.

  • Lindsey Hogan commented
    18 Aug, 2020 08:12pm

    I didn't realize this reporting was unavailable in Salesforce upon recent purchasing. It's critical for the business to report on what sorts of products are being escalated to different teams. it's also important to know which Salesforce cases DON'T have jira associations. This is ESPECIALLY important when multiple JIRA issues are associated with 1 case! it's important to see in a report why a case may still be open when different products are the root cause.
    I need to be able to report on, at a minimum which Salesforce cases have Jira issues, and have a link to those said jira issues.

  • Guest commented
    19 Jun, 2020 12:51am

    We are looking forward for this feature as our support team uses reports in Salesforce and not in Jira

  • Melissa Focone-Ortiz commented
    28 Feb, 2020 10:26pm

    We could definitely use this feature. Our support teams mainly work in Salesforce, and even though they have Jira access it is inconvenient for them to switch between systems to find this.

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2019 01:45pm

    Looking forward to this feature

  • Guest commented
    30 Sep, 2019 08:16pm

    Definitely a needed feature.

  • Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2019 06:51am

    this is a critical feature, i am now looking into the connector and without this feature, I am not sure we can use this connector. it is critical for us to report our escalated  issues (escalated issues to development are represented by jira tickets)

  • Guest commented
    9 Aug, 2019 11:05am

    Fully agree with Kyle. My teams have access to Jira also but the main tool for our support is Salesforce and not being able to find which tickets that have a attached Jira (or multiple) is going to be a hassle. 


    Some of this may be possible to work around by mapping fields but as soon as there is more than one Jira for a support case this becomes even more tricky.

  • Azwandi Mohd Aris commented
    11 Apr, 2019 04:11pm

    Kyle, thank you for your feedback. It does seem like a pain for the Salesforce people. We are not actively working on this feature at the moment, but more research will be conducted and we might reach out to you at some point soon to help with the requirements.

    In the meantime, is it necessary to tie the report to the native Salesforce Report and Dashboard functionality? 

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