As an Admin I need a shortcut method to quickly update users mappings

Jira/SalesForce Cloud Connector >Looking for a shortcut for the Reporter > OwnerID mapping

We currently have 157 possible Reporters and 67 Project/Issue combinations.
Two use cases where a shortcut/really cool feature would make my life easier.
1) I need to add a new employee to the Reporter > OwnerID mapping. I currently have to manually edit/add-to 67 Issues.
2) We add a new Project with new Issues to our mapping when we buy another company. I currently have to copy/select/paste for 157 Reporters times the number of issues.

The Mapping Export/Import does everything for the whole project. I want to be able to export/import just the Reporter > OwnerID mapping.

Is there a cool feature to do this that I've somehow missed?

  • Juan Recabarren
  • Apr 29 2019
  • Needs review
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