As an Administrator I need a REST API interface to be able to configure mappings

From customer:

if you guys ever add REST API calls to manage mappings we will love you forever 

  • Juan Recabarren
  • Mar 19 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
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  • John Price commented
    7 Mar, 2019 05:21pm

    Last year we asked about an API to import/export mappings, as we have 20-30 projects mapped but only a few different mapping configs. It takes a lot of time to manually update all 30 after a minor change and is very error-prone.  Right now the process is:

    1) Export mappings for project type A.

    2) Format JSON in VS Code and save.

    3) Compare mappings to reference copy stored in GitHub to make sure they have not been manually edited.

    4) Manually edit mappings for project A in Jira.

    5) Export again/format/commit to GitHub.

    6) Navigate to 6-7 other projects sharing those mapping types and Import.

    7) Export mappings for project type B (different mappings/issue types/etc.).

    8) Repeat steps 2-6.

    9) Repeat everything for several other project types.

    It usually takes 1-2 hours of tedious manual work if we have something as simple as a new Product value mapping that needs to get added to each mapping type.  We use the plug-in at scale and don't have the resources to do this.

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