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As an admin I want to hide the Create and Associate button from Jira

Issue will be created automatically from Salesforce, user don't need those buttons.

  • Samuel Gatica
  • Nov 24 2017
  • Likely to implement
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  • coby Adams commented
    16 Sep, 2021 01:27am

    We only want the associate and not the create it concerns our salesforce admins that anyone with edit access ot the project tickets would be able to create random SF objects : )

  • Phyllis Zhu commented
    20 May, 2021 12:05am

    we have the same situation where issues should be coming from our CS reps and SF so we don't need those buttons. Would like to be able to hide them, similar to how that's done on the SF side.

  • Frank Hess commented
    29 Apr, 2020 11:31am

    As a workaround the following snippet can be added to the announcement banner:


    require(['aui/banner'], function (banner) {


    body: 'DEV-System || Abzug von Produktion vom 20.01.2020 || DEV-System'




    if (jQuery("#sf-issue-overview-panel_heading").length>0){

    let waitForSalesForcePanel = () => {

    const container = jQuery("#sfjp-iframe").contents().find("style")[0];

    if (!container) {

    setTimeout(waitForSalesForcePanel , 50);

    } else {

    var head = jQuery("#sfjp-iframe").contents().find("head");

    var css = '<style type="text/css">' +

    '#sf-issue-overview-header {display:none}; ' +









  • Kevin Lew commented
    28 Mar, 2018 05:40am


  • Kevin Lew commented
    19 Mar, 2018 01:52am

    A customer wanted to only hide the create button in Jira.


    Can we do it like the Salesforce Package? eg. feature toggles? 



  • Azwandi Mohd Aris commented
    13 Dec, 2017 07:13am

    One way is to remove the Edit permission on the project, but this affects other edit operations to the Jira issue.

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