Allow sync of displayed value object data types

If you want to sync an Accounts Owner ID (User picker) in Salesforce to a Field in Jira (User Picker or standard text field), I have to either map every single possible user id in Salesforce to a Jira User OR only sync the ID of the User in SalesForce to Jira. Neither of these are good compromises because a data sync should be completely automated and the ID is meaningless to a normal human and only has meaning to a computer. It's unreasonable to have to update the mapping every time we get a new employee and is added to SalesForce.

Ideal feature:
Getting meaningful data to a user in the most automated way possible.

(SalesForce User picker to Jira text field) When I sync the Account's Owner ID in SalesForce to a text field in Jira, I want the displayed value when selecting the User for the Owner ID in SalesForce to be sync'd to Jira instead of an ID field.

  • Joseph Keller
  • May 23 2022
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Cloud
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