“After creating Jira issue”, select “Do nothing”

We would like to have a feature where in case of “After creating Jira issue” we can select “Do nothing” instead of “Push to SF” which is the only option.

But we don’t want to disable automatic push because then new associations wouldn’t send info from Jira to SF.

Is there a way that you would such a new option for “After creating Jira issue”?

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  • Nov 4 2021
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  • MJ G commented
    19 Jul 01:11pm

    I have data that synchronizes from Jira to Salesforce only, but they potentially have fields that are already assigned in Salesforce. But when I create the Jira ticket from Salesforce, the Jira ticket gets created, but the default values from Jira overwrite the current value in Salesforce.
    The use case, I only want to have assignee done from Jira, but I still have process work flow that have assignees happen in Salesforce. When the ticket is created in Salesforce, the default value in Jira overwrites what is already in Salesforce.

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