Lookup field to show details like Classic Connector "Remote Object Link" rather than only its ID

At the moment, if an object has a lookup field when this field is mapped to JIRA, it will only return its ID

For example, a Case Object is set to be able to reference an Opportunity for the Case Record. If the Opportunity field is mapped to JIRA, it will only return the ID when JIRA is pulling the information. Comparing to the Classic Connector "Remote Object Link" custom field which will render the ID, Name, and a hyperlink

  • Julian Aidil
  • Mar 3 2021
  • Will not implement
Hosting platform Server
  • Mar 26, 2021

    Admin response

    Thank you for sharing your idea. The Classic connector's "Remote Object Link" feature was intentionally removed from the Cloud and the new version of the connector as it created complexity and problems with our builds. So instead we have designed a new experience to imitate a similar experience of associating "view-only". You can refer to our documentation here to learn more about how to associate Salesforce objects which are "view-only" and not part of your mappings/bindings.


    Aidin - Product Managment Team

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