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Would like to be able to control when our mapped fields will be synced

Currently any change in Jira will trigger an update to sync fields. We would like to have an option as to when this sync will happen.

  • Pablo Gamblin
  • Jan 14 2021
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  • Celine Otjacques commented
    10 May 07:46am

    To have update of the delta that was REALLY updated on SVMX side, not of every fields is critical for us. Currently we overload Jira with false triggers which will force us to implement cumbersome automation to go over that issue.

  • Benjamin Charlet commented
    9 May 12:47pm

    This need is highly relevant for us as well as it would solve log issues we receive.

    Indeed, we have a lot of automation rules that are triggered when a field related to a Salesforce Case or Work Order is updated. Other automation rules related to the updated fields will also trigger at times. As you can imagine, the historic of a ticket is flooded with fields that are updated due to Salesforce values that didn't change but were synchronized either way. Furthermore, it leads to automation rules throttling because our max cap per hour is reached, meaning that it leads to performances issues and log errors on related workflow transitions.

    Being able to limit the synchronisation between Jira and Salesfoce to only the fields that have been updated in Salesforce is key to us.

  • Ryan Williams commented
    1 Jul, 2021 10:27pm

    This would be a huge win for our team. Our goal is that when a bug is reported, our agents would be able to link a Salesforce Case to a JIRA Issue and then put the Case on hold until resolved. We would only want certain JIRA statuses (like "Closed" or "Done") to sync so that our agents are only notified to follow up when a JIRA issue has been fully resolved. Currently every status change syncs, even if the status is irrelevent to agent Case processes.

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