As a user, Pushing to JIRA (JIRA -> SF) should not trigger a Pull from Salesforce (SF -> JIRA)


  • When ever userA updates a JIRA issue, the JIRA issue automatically assigned UserA as the assignee

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a mapping for JIRA Assignee and Salesforce CustomField type reference for contacts called "AssignedTo"

  2. Associate a case (Let's call this Case1) with a JIRA issue (let's call this JIRA-1)

  3. Configure in JIRA to auto-push (JIRA -> Salesforce)

  4. In Case1, assign the value of "AssignedTo" to UserA

  5. In JIRA-1, the assignee is UserB

    • Note: there is no user mapping for UserB, but there is for UserA

  6. Update any field in JIRA and JIRA-1 will have UserA as the assignee (instead of retaining the assignee as UserB)

  • Immanuel Siagian
  • Aug 5 2020
  • Needs review
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