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As a user, the string field should concatenate with existing value rather than replace

When there is multiple case association to a single jira issue, the data synced in a string field will be overwritten by the newer sync.

This is expected as a string field will not concatenate, but replace an existing value.

This feature request is to have the string field concatenate with the previous values.

  • Immanuel Siagian
  • Apr 28 2020
  • Needs review
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  • Guest commented
    16 Dec, 2022 08:50pm

    Particularly useful when linking accounts with feature requests or bugs, to be able to easily see a list of affected customers, as well as potentially a sum of the annual revenue represented by those accounts.

  • Dan Deftos commented
    15 Apr, 2022 12:38pm

    It is important to be able to represent multiple Jira issues in Salesforce custom fields so they can be exposed on the customer portal (Experience Cloud). Otherwise the product is missing an important use case the disqualifies the product from our selection process.

  • Julian Aidil commented
    16 Jan, 2022 11:37pm

    Maybe, we can add a scenario where there are multiple fields with one sync direction from Salesforce to Jira as well.

  • Francis Joyal commented
    28 Apr, 2020 09:21am


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