When updating an EPIC from Salesforce in JIRA we need an ability to omit updating Summary and Epic Name fields

When I create issue it is sensible to have these fields populated as they are required when you create Epic issue in JIRA.


But when you update JIRA based on changes from Salesforce, it would be great to have EPIC name unchanged as there can be multiple JIRA issues linked with one Salesforce objects.


Imagine we have a long living object in SF and multiple EPICS for JIRA which describe technical works to be done.

Obviously in this situation it is ok to have epic name the same at the start but for the newly created EPICS there might a different scope of work to be done (new changes, new features, etc) so it would be confusing to have multiple EPICs associated with same SF object in JIRA having a same name.

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  • Nov 27 2019
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