Sort By or Filter By Association Count

When running reports in Salesforce Connector reporting page in Jira, it would be nice to sort the results by Association Count (or even better, filter by Association Count) to limit the number of results returned.  As it stands, I have to manually scan through pages of results looking for the highest-voted issues.

  • Erick Armes
  • Sep 30 2019
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Cloud
  • Oct 2, 2019

    Admin response

    We are looking into creating a bulk csv export. This can help you to sort/filter based on the association count. Would this help?

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  • Guest commented
    26 Feb, 2020 03:27am

    i would like to be able to find all jira issues associated to more than 1 Cases for example to increase their priority

  • Erick Armes commented
    2 Oct, 2019 12:43pm

    if the csv export actually included the association count as a column, yes. The last time I ran an export, association count was not included at all. 

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