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As a User, I want the Default preset (After create/associate) works with Apex Trigger

As a User, I want the Default preset (After create/associate) works with Apex Trigger.

This will help the user able to pull Jira key from Jira after Jira issue automatically create upon Salesforce Case record creation

  • Kevin Lew
  • Sep 12 2019
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Hosting platform Cloud, Server
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  • Karol Macák commented
    15 Jan 02:30pm

    I believe this should be included in package, or even better give parameters for trigger to be able to set it as we need.

  • Kseniya Khenkina commented
    24 Sep, 2020 07:59pm

    This would be fantastic as we use a custom Apex trigger to create new issues in Jira and would love to have the Jira fields synced back after the issues is created, similar to how it works if we use the "create" button on the standard component!

  • Dennis Scholz commented
    22 Jul, 2020 11:11am

    This is a must have feature for our implementation because we use a custom component to create Jira Issue Tickets.

  • Will Adams commented
    19 Feb, 2020 10:51pm

    While from a development point this might be the expected behavior of the call as an end user I would safely classify this as a bug. The expected behavior of the integration would be to automatically push the information back to Salesforce if the set-up is for Auto-Push to be enabled. It should not matter how the Jira issue is created, whether it be manually or through an Apex Trigger.

  • Thomas Nieman commented
    27 Nov, 2019 01:53pm

    We have several projects that have Jira Issues automatically created by a trigger in Salesforce.  If you manually create a Jira Issue from Salesforce the Jira Key does automatically pull from Jira to Salesforce.  It would be great if an API created Jira Issues could sync after creation.


    I would like to see this implemented as a new function or a True/False variable that is passed to the create function that would fire whatever is setup in the Connection.

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