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Permission schemes

Only specific roles or users should be able to unlink (or perform other actions) SF cases to Jira issues.

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  • May 21 2019
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  • Logan Brown commented
    30 Dec, 2021 04:22pm

    Hi ServiceRocket Team, this is a crucial feature for operations and compliance. Please add the ability to only enable Jira creation to certain salesforce users, but all other users can view Jira information. Use Case: Engineering does not want all call center users to be able to open bug tickets i, but rather Tier 1 should be able to view tickets, and Tier 2 or 3 can only escalate Jira tickets when deemed necessary

  • Mykola Malyshenko commented
    22 Jun, 2020 06:36pm

    For the Enterprise level project is crutial feature since multiple teams can work with same project, ansd have different level of permissions; and reqire read data from SF only.

  • Trina Banerjee commented
    11 May, 2020 09:16am

    Definitely need this. Not everybody should be allowed to create JIRA items but everyone should have visibility.

  • david catriel commented
    17 Mar, 2020 04:09pm

    The permission would be useful on both ends, since unlinking can happen in both. And since there's apparently no record of any these links/unlink actions in either product, it should definitely be possible to at least restrict the abilities so we lessen the possibility of data loss.

  • Guest commented
    22 Jul, 2019 02:52pm

    In Jira. Thanks

  • Admin
    Shared ServiceRocket commented
    19 Jul, 2019 03:35am

    Hi Andrei,

    Can you please specify if you want this from Salesforce UI or Jira?

    Thank you

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