Ability to retain files attached to the page, as well as modifying link to those files

Currently files & attachments from Confluence are not brought over to Salesforce. Pages that contains links to attachments will be retained in Salesforce, and will direct it back to Confluence.

It'll be great if

  • The files and attachments from Confluence are brought over into Salesforce

  • All links to these files and attachments will direct to the migrated files & attachments in Salesforce.

For example:

  • If a Confluence page contains an attachment, (From Page Tools (3 dots) > Attachments) it’ll be nice if that attachment can be migrated to Salesforce along with the content of the page.

  • And if that page contains a link that directs to that attachment, it should be the same experience after the page is published into Salesforce

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  • Dec 16 2020
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