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To have the Edit auto-close timeout feature in Cloud too.

The current behavior of Security & Encryption Cloud is unable to edit the timeout option when a secret is decrypted. Instead, it will be automatically hidden after 15 seconds if the 'X' Cancel button isn't clicked.

It would be great to have the same feature as in Server where a Personal Default Timeout can be set. This will allow users to decrease or increase the time the secret is displayed.

  • Chun Wye Ng
  • Jul 4 2023
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Cloud
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  • Frank Leclerc commented
    4 Jul 12:40pm

    In our case, we liked using Secure Macro on OnPremise to store users and passwords centrally.

    The use case for us is that we can access customer and internal systems with this information. Depending on the customer or connection, it is necessary to have the information visible over a longer period of time, because there are a few steps to connect or because the network connection is cut by VPN, so that it is not possible to open the macro again.

    For this, we had OnPremise adjusted the time for the auto-close to this accordingly.

    Now we have migrated to the cloud and have the problem that the macro is closed after 15 seconds and we have partially not yet retrieved all the information from the Secret Macro. Additional copying to e.g. an editor or reopening is possible, but more complicated as we have handled it so far.

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