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Conditional form view

This is a way for the person editing the page to control what they see. We need a way to control it from the code on the page. I want to show a section of data based on the value of a text-data field. Such as,
Are there schedule impacts?


If SchedImpact=Yes, show the following table-data, if SchedImpact=No, do not show the following table-data (because it won't contain any data).


  • Azwandi Mohd Aris
  • Jun 21 2016
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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  • Andrew van Ingen commented
    19 Aug, 2022 01:28pm

    This would also be great for Cloud.

  • Lukas Schaufler commented
    23 Mar, 2020 02:02pm

    +1 vote.

    To make it more general - scaffolding should support visibility rules for elements based on conditions defined by either text values or option list items.

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