As a user I want the Reporting Macros in List Data to be respected by REST API

This is related to idea SCAF-I-45 and full details of the problem are reported to support in SRSUP-4213

As a user, I can enter a Reporting macro into List Data and then inject report keychains into Value of List Options.

  • Add list data macro
  • Within list data macro insert reporting macro that return a list of options from another page
  • Configure report body to be injected
  • Within the report body insert list option macro which value is injected from the report

This allows entry of options from another scaffolding table into List Data in the UI Edit Contents, but is not respected by Scaffolding REST API.

As a user I want to be able to use List Options with Values from a reporter in a List Data alike macro, so that the options can be entered both via UI and via the REST API.
As a user I would like this to be a separate macro, that allows to return "Reporting Options" that allows to enter keychains and source for option values.


  • JJ O'Brien
  • Mar 22 2019
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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