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As an admin, I want the scaffolding Content Options data (space name and page name) to be "migrated" via Space Export/Import

The Scaffolding XML data contains the page ID rather than the space name & page name for the content-options macro.  As such, when generating the XML Space backup and importing the XML backup to another Confluence instance, the selected content options will not be displayed.  

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a page with list-data and content-options
  2. Enter any data on the content-options
  3. Generate a Space backup that contains the page above
  4. Import the Space backup to another Confluence instance

On the new Confluence instance, the selected content-options is not displayed/missing because the new Confluence instance cannot recognize the page-id from the previous Confluence instance. 

  • Immanuel Siagian
  • Mar 14 2019
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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