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As a user I want to be able to Add a dropdown where its options are retreived from a different page(use Reporting Macros within List Data)

As a user I want to be able to, create a drop-down list -whereby its options to be retrieved from another page- that i can select from and then populate the value with other information in page.
(As a user I want to be able to use Reporting macros within List Data macro).

Trialing Scaffolding and Reporting helps improving customer's documentation and produce a much more consistent way we gather data.

This eases entering information in a constant way and without mistake the first time, the better it will be.

  • Yamam Ghourani
  • Aug 13 2018
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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  • Andrew van Ingen commented
    19 Aug, 2022 01:22pm

    Could this be implemented for Cloud?

  • JJ O'Brien commented
    22 Mar, 2019 01:03pm


    This can be achieved in the following way

    • Add list data macro
    • Within list data macro insert reporting macro that return a list of options from another page
    • Configure report body to be injected
    • Within the report body insert list option macro which value is injected from the report

    This is a clumsy workaround and causes issues with scaffolding REST API but works well in the UI.

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