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Add Edit Contents permission

Details of explanation:

"Edit Contents should lay somewhere in between View All Space permissions and Add/Edit Page Permissions on the same space.

  • User A has no rights (anonymous) therefore no access
  • User B has View All, therefore, no Add, Edit or Edit Contents against any pages in the space
  • NEW User C has View All like User B but also has Edit Contents checked, which is new. Therefore the user and view and edit contents, but cannot add or edit pages
  • User D has View All and add/edit pages but not Edit Contents, therefore, full add and edit but without edit contents
  • User E has space admin, therefore, has it all

In summary User C is a business user whereby User D holds more of a support or junior admin role and should not have the ability to alter the state contents of a page.

In the end, if you have the ability to insert a new Space Permission to the Space Permission grid in Confluence I would suggest inserting Edit Contents with a logical on/off switch between View All and Add Pages. That's assuming third-party vendors are allowed to Add permission switches directly to Space Permissions? If not, then perhaps implying view all also includes edit contents, like where add pages imply edit page as well."

Notes: this might need feedback from other existing users.

  • Azwandi Mohd Aris
  • Nov 11 2017
  • Needs review
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  • Matthias Damsch commented
    22 Sep, 2021 09:44am

    From our point of view, the "normal" edit button should appear only to administrators or, our preference, to users of a configured group. This group should be defined on the settings page in the admin area. Normal users who have edit rights on the page should see the "edit contents"-button and it would be great if the label on the button would say "edit" as the normal button and the label on the "normal" button, if shown, would be something like "edit structure" or similar.

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