Ability to bulk copy pages with Scaffolding XML Data

At the moment, the option to copy Scaffolding data is by triggering it per page. The steps are also different compared to the standard copy function which will just select the target location and whether to include the child pages. For Scaffolding copy, it will open the clone page in edit mode and save it. If there are multiple pages to copy, this can be major work to do.

Hence, it will be great if Scaffolding has a feature to do bulk copy pages with Scaffolding data. Maybe we can integrate the feature to the existing Confluence copy feature as an option the same as whether to include the child pages or not. With such integration, the child pages that have Scaffolding data will behave the same. Else, to have a public REST API for the copy Scaffolding data feature so we can run them through script if multiple pages need to be copied.

  • Julian Aidil
  • Dec 30 2021
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Cloud, Server
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