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Make the Edit and Edit Contents buttons easier to tell apart for users

Users sometimes get confused between Edit and Edit Contents buttons. This confusion can leave users prone to make mistakes when trying to update information.

  • Pablo Gamblin
  • Dec 11 2020
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  • Martin Zeller commented
    11 Dec, 2020 09:39am

    One of our biggest problems is that scaffolding is not able to work with collaborative editing.
    We are using scaffolding for our service documentation and we have lots of issues when multiple user save at the same time the same page with different parts edited.

  • markus guenther commented
    11 Dec, 2020 06:42am

    The problem is not only the confusion between the two buttons. The Edit "Form" button is simply at the wrong location resp. wrong level. It should be within the Edited page and not outside.

    Reason: All Confluence users are used to just go to Edit (or e) in order to change the contents of the page. Therefore the edit of the form should go inside of the Edited page (eg. button there somewhere. The pattern would then be as with many other plugins.

    1) User opens the page

    2) User press "Edit" button or "e"

    3) User press the "Edit Scaffold Form" button

    3) The form is presented for Editing

    The problem is really that many users simply go into Edit mode and then start to fill in values into the Scaffold Macros "Body". This then makes the whole thing mostly corrupted as the values are somehow shown in the corresponding resulting table view but of course not as part of the Scaffolding values.

    We have a 10000 users base and see this pattern daily happening.

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