Retain explicit space key value when saving Live Template

As a user I want Live Template macro to retain explicit space key value even if the page is in the same space, so that a page can be copied or moved to another space without breaking Live Template link.

Current behaviour:

"Page A" is the source of the template

"Page B" has a live template macro configured as follows:

page=SPACEKEY:Page A

Both pages are in the same space.

When saving the "SPACEKEY:" portion is removed because the pages are in the same space.

User then moves or copies Page B to another space and receives an error that the template can't be found. They can either:
* edit the live template to put the SPACEKEY value back in
* copy or move Page A as well to the target space

Desired behaviour:
"SPACEKEY:" section is retained as entered
Live Template reference is not broken when the Page B is copied / moved.

  • JJ O'Brien
  • Jul 8 2020
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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