Improve Variable Data to capture Report Results

The use-case here is to capture users in a Scaffolding list-data (to list) and then to convert this list of users to a list of email addresses.

Next is to create a mailto link, such that when the user clicks the link an email is created with the 'to list' populated with all the emails of the users from that field in it. 

e.g. the email with html would look like below:

<a href=";">Click this</a>



  • The goal is to capture the emails into a report-link macro, where we can add a postfix {{?subject=MySubject}}
  • We tried using Report-Block, Report-List to extract the emails, but they will be listed as new lines for each of the emails
  • Report-On cannot be captured into a Report-Variable or Set-Data

Improvements to be done:

  1. Either to improve Variable-Data to capture Report Result
  2. or a direct improvement to have list of Users > Emails


For more info please refer to this ticket:

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  • Dec 10 2019
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