To allow Key parameter to be injected in order to make the Collection Supplier dynamic

Customer use-case here is to capture a variable (rowNumber) which then can be passed into the Collection Supplier.

I need to use the result of a supplier inside another one: Here's an example
data:myTable > collection:2
-> returns the second row, perfect
But I don't have a direct access to the value 2, instead I have a variable which has a result of 2. So what can I do to have something like this working:
data:myTable > collection:"variable:rowNumber"

The use-case here is to have a variable for the rowNumber which the row number will be captured based on user's input (a dynamic row number). Currently the limitation that the rowNumber can't be injected to Collection Supplier makes this use-case not possible.

Support ticket: SRSUP-6555

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  • Sep 18 2019
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