It must be possible to order report results by page tree order

Often people do order pages due to any business rules they have for whatever reason.  In reports created from such pages, the same should be shown in the same order of course. 

Without that all such cases are worthless because users can't use reporting therefore.

Ideally there might be somehow a "Order" field to be used on the Page Supplier which could then be used to be reported as well and thus it might be as well used for "ordering" in the resulting table (order desc/asc etc.) together with other fields ordering or filter capabilities.

  • markus guenther
  • Aug 30 2019
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  • markus guenther commented
    31 Aug, 2019 08:50am

    Please note that putting an attribute for this in the form or a value in the page title isn't sufficient as really the order of the pages is important. So the way they are reordered must be reflected immediately in the report.


    Therefore we need somehow a way to reference the numeric offset within the tree node where the pages are located.  We think it would be best and simple to just offer this number (eg. "order") as an additional attribute on the PageSupplier. This way we could reference it in the report easily and simply order by this. 

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