As a user I would like to have a supplier for Reporting to show the last Scaffolding data changes

Currently, reporting can only get the data of the standard edit function from Confluence with the "page:modify" keychain. It is not possible to get the data from the Scaffolding Edit Content function as there is no supplier yet.

Hence, it will be great to have this as a supplier to retrieve Scaffolding's Edit data. It can be used to retrieve the latest date of the Scaffolding data being edited .

Example scenario:

There are a lot of pages that are entirely scaffold data and report pages that use a table report that lists them all ( typically the parent page to summarise the “data” pages pulling different scaffold data from those pages. having the last scaffolded edit date as a supplier would be nice to be able to sort the table by, as again these pages are entirely scaffolding data via a shared live template
  • Julian Aidil
  • Sep 23 2021
  • Needs review
Hosting platform Server
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