Pathway to natively support SD Portal

Essentially, at Service Desk, a search simply yields a link to something. So in that case, I’d expect that all I need is any link that when clicked opens the Confluence page that expresses the Pathways setup which has been pre-created, the learning path if you will.

For example, search “cake” and get a link that says “3. put cake in oven” but they clicking the link goes to the Confluence page with all cake baking steps.

Said another way, I just want any onramp over to that Pathways instance in Confluence. Seems like it will have to start by just seeing if the search index will “look” at pathways text. My assumption was that Pathways info is just content on the Confluence page, like anything else (raw text format somewhere), and that it could be indexed. But, maybe it doesn’t due to the proprietary data structure somehow.

  • Yamam Alghourani
  • Jan 6 2021
  • Needs review
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